New challenges, new chances



A new cloud security prototype was developed. The solution evolves and is ready to encrypt audio, video and text content before the data is moved into the cloud.

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GDPR-compliant secure videoconferencing

We started to launch a GDPR-compliant videoconferencing solution during the corona times. Confyer supports everyone with a nearly zero tracking communication alternative.

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Layer2 encryption unit ready

Our R&D finished a layer 2 encryption box “LinkBox 2” to provide an effordable and plug ‘n play variant of a data link layer encryption solution.

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A year full of surprises


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Become one of our first pilot project partner by integrating our innovative security solution.

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Prototype v2i + v2p size comparison

Advancement of FYER HSM v2

Evolution of v1 into FYER HSM prototype v2i and v2p. This one is even smaller than v1 and able to be tamperproof without an external power supply.

Hardware Security Module

FYER HSM Prototype v1 without Secure room

Finished FYER HSM prototype v1

Our FYER HSM v1 prototype passed our QA process. We are now starting the creation of API documentations.

Hardware Security Module

The journey continues


Focus and further development of FYER HSM

We started to focus our research and development more on our hardware security module to provide innovative attempts on mobile security solutions.

HardwareWallet Prototype v1

Hardware wallet prototype development

Building a multi cryptocurrency signing solution, our FYER Wallet, with the focus on security.

FYER HardwareWallet Concept v1

Development of security concept for secure hardware wallet

Designing a secure multi cryptocurrency signing solution.

The begin of a new adventure


FYER HardwareWallet Concept v1

Conception hardware wallet for blockchain transactions

Our idea originated in less secure hardware wallets available on the market. For digital assets like crypto currencies no public available wallet was secure enough for our needs. So we started to develop our own secure product.