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Our secure room protects from attacks on the HSM even in insecure environments

Small form factor

Ready for IoT, mobile devices, small scale environments

Future-ready QRNG

High-end technology for cryptographic algorithms

Active protection

Tamper resistant, tamper detection, tamper evidence, tamper response

Secure key storage

Safeguard and manage digital keys

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Security meets industry.

Use-cases and applicable domains

Discover the applicable domains and use-cases for the FYER HSM.

Securing access to finance solutions.

ATMs (Automated Teller Machine)

Integrating the FYER HSM into ATMs provide the possibility to verify the integrity of the specific ATM machine and therefore prevent malicious software to be executed on the system or network.

Furthermore the FYER HSM enables secure withdrawals and a secure remote access for technical support right at the point of access.

Secure signing solution

Cash Registers

The manipulation of cash registers and receipts has damaged tax revenue for decades. With our FYER HSM integrated in cash registers every receipt is signed and securely stored within the tamper-proof-area of the module.

The FYER HSM provides manipulation protection for the receipts prohibiting tax fraud activities. ZERSIKA will be the new standard in the cash register industry for the upcoming years and be supported by FYER HSM.

Prevent lost sales due to copyright violations

IP Protection and Licensing

The FYER HSM protects your intellectual property (IP) from piracy and reverse engineering. You can securely store critical parts of your software on the FYER HSM in an encrypted, tamper-proof area. Selling machines or/and software does no longer mean transferring your intellectual property to your competitors. Reverse engineering of your software is blocked efficiently.

Dismounting the FYER HSM from the machine or trying to extract the IP from the FYER HSM means making your product unusable. Additionally it can be used for license management.

Secure digital payment services

Financial Transactions & Blockchain

With the FYER Wallet we provide a secure mobile device, that enables you to transfer digital assets like Bitcoin, Etherum and other Altcoins. It is equipped with the FYER HSM to execute and sign these financial transactions. The module and the FYER Wallet are Blockchain-ready, but not limited to it.

New keys/passwords are generated within the FYER HSM using an optional available Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG).

Control access to your company

Enterprise Access Protection

Use the FYER HSM to store keys and passwords in order to protect your property, data and premises from unauthorized access. Weak passwords will no longer compromise your systems.

Security and encryption starts at the place of installation. Equip notebooks, desktop computers and servers with the FYER HSM either by integrating it into the hardware directly or by using the dongle solution. Protect your company communication using FYER HSM for network security and VoIP phones.

Build secure home automations

Smart Home

Today many homes, hotels and other living spaces are enriched with technology. Supportive systems, such as door looks or communication technology like VoIP phones can be attacked and compromised.

The FYER HSM provides mechanisms to protect these home automation systems and premises from unauthorized access, insecure communication and intrusion within smart home infrastructure.

Enable secure Internet Of Things devices

M2M Communication

In times of digitalization, when every single device is connected to others, security is crucial. A single hijacked device can compromise an entire network, especially when it comes to infrastructure.

The FYER HSM represents secure authentication in conjunction with secure communication using on-the-fly and state-of-the-art encryption. Your IP is protected by the tamper-proof functionality of the FYER HSM.

Protect sensitive medicinal data

Medicinal Data

With every medicinal checkup sensitive data is generated, stored and analyzed. Hospitals, practices and insurance companies manage huge amounts of sensitive data that needs to be protected efficiently. Data leakage can cause major harm to the privacy of a human being. Data manipulation can cause major harm to the health condition of a human being.

The FYER HSM can be integrated in technologies collecting and generating these medicinal data to eliminate the risk of privacy violation and data manipulation (e.g. computer tomography scanner). The FYER HSM allows access only for persons with the respective clearance levels.

Save money and secure your legacy hardware

Retrofitting Legacy Hardware

Technologies advance at a very fast pace due to rapid global development. Older hard- and software can become outdated quickly, leaving security problems unsolved.

The FYER HSM with its retrofitting capabilities and a wide range of connectivity enables customers very cost-effectively to upgrade their hard- and software security mechanisms instead of replacing entire systems.

Custom Use Case?

Our FYER HSM can be modified and customized for your own need. Do you have special data generated by your own IT systems or processes you want to secure? Do you have any criticial infrastructures which need verified access protection?

We adapt, modify and customize our FYER HSM to fit your requirements for a convenient and comfortable way to level up your protection desires.

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Design, components and features

Small form factor

Discover the FYER Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Prototype v2i + v2p size comparison

The small form factor of the HSM device makes it feasible for a wide range of integration possibilities along different technologies.

As a multi-purpose security device the HSM was designed to be easily integrated in automotive sector, computers, mobile devices and manufacturing plants.

Retrofitting and redevelopment are supported.

Technical data

Cryptographic processor

  • High performance RISC architecture up to 600MHz
  • Large expandable memory for applications
  • Secure boot via hardware based root of trust
  • SPA and DPA resistance

Active protection by dynamic and environmental sensors

  • Tamper Resistance
  • Tamper Detection
  • Tamper Response
  • Tamper Evidence

Cryptographic accelerators

  • ECC
  • RSA
  • SHA-256
  • SHA-512
  • AES
  • 3DES
  • Kuznyechik
  • SEED

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