Data protection on the next level

Ensure compliance and reduce costs

Simply protect your company data directly with Cryptofyer before it moves to the cloud.

Encrypt everything

Storing data securely in the cloud

Readable plaintext, audio and video data are transformed into encrypted ciphers. Your information remains with you and your know-how is protected.

Legal compliance

What would be, if you could use MS Teams in a compliant way even without EU-US-Privacy Shield Agreement?

More than 5000 companies are currently affected by the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement.

The court decision

On July 16, 2020, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the so-called Privacy Shield to be invalid. Countless European companies that use American products like Microsoft Teams are affected. This will create legal problems if the data protection regulations are not improved or if they don’t switch to alternative software.

Comments from Microsoft

In a statement dated July 20, 2020, Julie Brill (Corporate Vice President for Global Privacy and Regulatory Affairs and Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft) states on behalf of Microsoft that the use of MS Teams for corporate customers is still legally possible, as the SCC (Standard Contractual Clauses) used by Microsoft are still valid.

(Source: Stellungnahme zum Urteil des EuGH: Was wir unseren Kunden zum grenzüberschreitenden Datentransfer bestätigen können).

The logical consequence

But let’s be honest. The U.S. government has managed to circumvent the rights of all U.S. Americans, which are written in the U.S. Constitution, with new laws and to install a mass surveillance of its own population.

Microsoft has announced that it will take legal action itself against government intervention in your systems and wants to further strengthen its customers’ trust in Microsoft products. Cryptofyer technically supports information security by means of additional encryption and thus decouples possible access by third parties. As the responsible decision-maker in your company, you reduce the risk that your information can be read by unauthorized persons.

Both the change to a legally compliant, European software, which does not fulfill all functionalities or requirements, as well as the adjustments to new legal regulations, which have been ongoing for years now, are associated with great effort and costs. Decide for the logical consequence: – your new Microsoft Team encryption layer from Germany.

We will be happy to advise you and are looking forward to hearing from you!

Information protection

What if third parties no longer had access to the content of your MS Team communication?

No more access to your conversations, videos, text messages.

Protect your intellectual property

In order to protect your intellectual property from access by third parties in the best possible way, you do not want to transmit and store your internal company communication content such as audio calls, video calls, text messages and file transfers in plain text (unencrypted) via the infrastructures of other providers.

By using Cryptofyer as an encryption layer, only encrypted data is sent over Microsoft Teams Cloud infrastructures. Third parties lose access to your audio and video conversations completely and can no longer read them. Your intellectual property is thus protected in the best possible way.

We help you on the implementation of our technology in your system landscape and look forward to hearing from you!

Privacy protection

What if you could use MS Teams GDPR-compliant?

Less maintenance of your GDPR conditions -> lower costs.

Transmission of personal data

With the Cryptofyer encryption layer, personal data in particular is no longer transferred in plain text by the software MS Teams to the Microsoft Teams Cloud Servers, but in a encrypted way.

You avoid the risc of violating the personal and civil rights of your employees of any nationality by unintentionally and unwanted transmission of this personal data. The danger of personal data being analyzed by companies, facilities and institutions from other parts of the world is thus completely eliminated.

If you have any questions regarding data protection and implementation of the Cryptofyer encryption layer in your infrastructures, we will be happy to advise you.

Contact us via one of our extensive contact options!

Hold / Bring your own key

What if you could use MS teams in the company with your own keys?

Your keys. Your data. Your self-determination.

Microsoft Key Handling using the example of Azure

Microsoft describes the key handling procedure for the Microsoft Azure product (the Microsoft cloud storage) under the following link Planning and implementing your Azure Information Protection client key. Here you can read that Microsoft creates root keys and makes them available to its clients. This root key serves as the basis for generating additional keys if necessary or requested.

Alternatively, the client can create the root key himself/herself and must then transfer it to Microsoft. In both cases, your key will end up in the hands of third parties. Microsoft tries its best here to protect its customers’ data from state access, among other things. Cryptofyer supports this project on the European side with additional encryption layers.

Alternatively, the client can create the root key himself and must then transfer it to Microsoft. In both cases, your key will end up in the hands of third parties. Microsoft is doing its best to protect its customers’ data from governmental access. Cryptofyer supports this project on the European side with additional encryption layers.

The Cryptofyer encryption layer enables you as a customer to manage and administer the key handling yourself. You decide for whom you issue and use keys. Via key handling, individual users can also have their access rights revoked. We are happy to advise you. Simply use our contact options!


What if you could continue to enjoy all the benefits of MS Teams?

No loss of comfort. No compromises.

Unlimited MS Teams Usability

The Cryptofyer encryption layer is designed to allow you to continue to use all Microsoft Team functionalities without restrictions. A change to other software solutions is no longer necessary and you avoid new training of your employees. If you have any questions about the Cryptofyer approach or if you want to implement special requests, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Please contact us via one of our communication channels.

Secure your MS Teams conversations


Our Cryptofyer encryption layer encrypts the data of your MS Team Client. These can only be read (text chat), heard (audio) and seen (video) by your trusted conversation partners. Microsoft infrastructures are still used, but thanks to our audio, video and text encryption, your information is protected from prying eyes. For your users, this encryption is transparent and verifiable, MS Teams can continue to be used as usual.


A cross-company, secure and encrypted use of the Cryptofyer encryption layer is guaranteed by high interoperability. When using Cryptofyer you can continue to communicate with all your MS Teams contacts as usual. Those who also use Cryptofyer (both on-premise and as a dedicated solution) can additionally be contacted fully encrypted.


The Cryptofyer encryption layer can be hosted and used on-premise. It therefore integrates easily into your existing system landscape and is completely under your control.

Request information on the On-Premise solution


If you do not want an on-premise solution or if you prefer to have us operate it as an experienced system provider, you can also use the Cryptofyer encryption layer as a cloud solution.

Requst information on the dedicated solution

Current state of development

Many paths lead to the goal

Secured communication

1-on-1 conversations secured

The Cryptofyer system encrypts your conversations while using MS Teams. All audio data can only be decrypted and heard by your conversation partners.

Secured video transmissions

1-on-1 video conferences secured

While you can use MS Teams as usual, the Cryptofyer system takes care of the encryption of your video data in the background.

Encrypted group chats

Text chat without risk and know-how loss

All group and individual chats are completely encrypted and your information is securely protected against access by third parties.

Next steps

Securing group conferences

Soon we will offer you the encryption of your group video conferences. This enables you to use MS Teams extensively without having to put your data and know-how in the hands of third parties.

Adding support to more software products

Your opinion is important to us

We are able to secure many other software products with our Cryptofyer. Tell us about the software solutions you use and we will integrate them into our system so that beyond MS Teams, other data can also be protected for you.

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