Your data belongs to you

Video conferencing without privacy concerns.

Confyer is suitable for private individuals, start-ups, companies, schools and universities as well as public authorities. Our servers do not track the users of your conference rooms. We only collect data on the length of time the rooms are used. Confyer does not collect any data about you and your conference topics.

Supported Browser: Chrome

No software installation necessary

Smartphone-App available

Can be used free of charge during the Corona crisis

Hosting in Germany

Encryption: AES 256

German Engineering

No data collection. We offer the alternative.

Data protection and privacy

When using our video conferencing solution through an Internet browser, we do not collect or store any IP addresses from you. Confyer was designed as a privacy-friendly alternative. We do not collect or store any personal data that could allow conclusions to be drawn about you as a person.

In our current, free version, anonymous IDs are created for our rooms and users, with which we can determine room usage times and thus improve our service. However, no conclusions can be drawn about you as a person.

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