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FYER consults and delivers scalable and innovative solutions with the explicit goal of becoming the market leader in the field of decentralised financial technologies and extending accessibility of neighbouring markets by partnering with other leading and complementary corporations.


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The amount of information as well as the pace at which it is gathered, analysed and distributed is continuously growing and accelerating. The crucial factor behind this development has been mankind’s ability to store unimaginable amounts of information in relatively little space and to combine enormous masses of computing power to process it.

To get from the first mainframe in big corporations and banks to the modern worldwide mesh of interconnected devices took only around 70 years – which is like the blink of an eye in the broad span of human history. With the introduction of the network we now know as the Internet, we entered the digital age, and we find ourselves right in the middle of a digital transition now.

Our digital life is no longer only about sending and receiving information around the globe in near real time. It is no longer about the continuous generation, analysis and consumption of information at every imaginable location. The critical factor in the huge multidimensional flow of information, driven by personal, economic and political interests is trust.

The mission

Although we are able to transfer huge amounts of information over long distances within fractions of a second, we still cannot store, move and transfer value (such as money, stocks, votes or intellectual property) without relying on intermediary entities.In this digital age, everybody in society needs access to trustworthy, forgery-proof information about ownership and authenticity of assets, transactions and contracts without relying on third-party authorities.The FYER mission is to lay the foundation for societies and organisations of the present and the future by helping to regain trust and control without relying on intermediaries and by using the power of blockchain technologies.

The brains behind

Helmuth Panzner


Although Panzner was not developed “in-house”, he is tamper-proof and in charge of the financial aspects and staffing at VP.
Precision and effectiveness are what drive Panzner when he is taking care of business, and performing his financial and analytical magic. His strong desire to gain a deep understanding of everything related to financial services as well as his outstanding analytical and psychological skills are helping VP to grow and expand continuously.

André Hassan


Hassan is solely driven by APIs and is responsible for the secure, reliable and transparent working of the company’s services and products.
He is an industrious and results-driven professional with exceptional experience in application development, quality assurance and user experience landscape. In his role, Hassan oversees the entire hardware and software landscape and is an essential part of the strong foundation that enables VP to deliver innovative products and services to consumers and corporations all over the world.

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