Networking and product demos were the main part of this year’s Digital Demo Day 2020 in Düsseldorf, where over 175 exhibitors presented their tech innovations and services. We visited the Expo as a tech start-up and were very surprised about the relaxed atmosphere and the cosy get-together, which we didn’t know from other fairs and expos. There was no need to squeeze through crowded rooms and there was always time for discussions with the exhibitors and other visitors. Only the first coffee at the coffee stand was a small hurdle, as the queue was very long. Anyway, we used the time here as well and networked with the people waiting around and had interesting conversations.

The Digital Demo Day 2020 recommended the App talque as a networking platform, and so we used this app to find initial discussion partners, whom we contacted both in the run-up to the show and on-the-fly during the show in order to enter into discussions and expand our network with investors, interested companies and other tech start-ups.


Partner Search

Currently we are looking for interested partners who have a concrete need for security technologies and for whom our FYER Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a chance to clarify difficult security issues. This Expo was an excellent opportunity to approach investors and companies and to talk about the topic of IT security and to find interesting use cases for our FYER HSM. Here it became clear again that the topic of IT security and security needs is becoming more and more present in people’s minds. The need for security is great and existing solutions are often too expensive. On top of this comes the complexity that most security solutions have to deal with, which again discourages many users and buyers to deal with this topic further.

We could convince many discussion partners with our FYER HSM and develop together with them application cases for cost-effective and security enhancing solutions.

The event will definitely be added to our calendar and we are already looking forward to the Digital Demo Day 2021.

André H.