The day started excitingly at the AFCEA (Armed Forced Communications and Electronics Association) 2019 in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn, because at the beginning we noticed that this trade exhibition is very much in demand and full of different groups of people, from officers to sales people and developers.

At this year’s conference, the focus was on smart command and control support in the 21st century. Many different stands presented different topics and their relation to the military and IT. Esri Germany (, for example, dealt with geoinformation solutions. The employees explained the use of drones in the military as well as possible areas of application for our FYER HSM ( under development.

IABG (, a test service company with a strong communication focus, referred us to VITES ( and INFODAS ( Both showed interest in our products, regarding satellite research and software development.

And not only IABG, but also many other stands and suppliers were very open to new ideas and information and communication exchange with regard to IT security and the latest technology.

All in all it was an exciting fair in a great location. We recommend a visit to the AFCEA trade exhibition for all those who want to learn about modern IT technology and its use.