As a security technology company, FYER was founded with the aim of making block chain technology and its further developments sustainably applicable and usable for companies in other industries.

Our core project in this matter is the FYER HSM (hardware security module).

It all began with the development of a multi-crypto-currency hardware wallet. In the process, we realized that security is the top priority in times of digitalization.

The HSM performs cryptographic operations and provides a secure storage for cryptographic keys. The active tamper protection and the small form factor make the FYER HSM unique.

With this basis, FYER, which was founded as a FinTech joint venture in Cologne, Germany, aims to become one of the market leaders in security technologies in the next few years.

We want to achieve this with the technology we have developed by offering a scalable and innovative solution. In cooperation with other leading companies we want to expand our knowledge, create new use cases and thus promote the future in the field of digital and hardware security.

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