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Full-featured HSM for every scope

Designed to secure IoT devices, machine-to-machine communications and many other use cases the small size of our security solution enables us to provide data encryption technology at the point where data is generated.

Our FYER HSM use cases
Prototype v2i + v2p size comparison

Our prototype is evolving (shrinking)

The FYER HSM prototype passed the next quality assurance phase. We are currently building APIs to provide access for developers who are interested in own use cases with our FYER HSM.

The roadmap
Become a beta project partner

Become a beta project partner

We are currently searching interested partners to participate in a beta project to integrate our FYER HSM in your solutions.

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Our vision

FYER consults and delivers scalable and innovative solutions with the explicit goal of becoming the market leader in the field of decentralised financial technologies and extending accessibility of neighbouring markets by partnering with other leading and complementary corporations.
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